Throwbies are perfect for beach, surf & travel

Ditch the travel towel.

Whether you might be going to a big field for a festival with your best friends or to travel around the world. Having returned from travelling New Zealand earlier in 2019, I could have really used one of my Throwbies when I was in mixed hostels to get to and from the shower rooms and to get changed privately.

I also really needed something that would dry quickly and become compact so I could pack it back up in my bag the next day. In hindsight, I would have invented this months ago!

Ditch the sweaty towel

With a love for Fitness, those early morning swims or HIIT gym sessions leave me in a hurry to get to my next destination.

I wanted something that allowed me to dry quickly, that wouldn’t be soaking wet and smelly to leave in my bag all day and that would also let me get changed in mixed changing rooms privately without feeling exposed.

Ditch the beach towel.

The original marble-surfer-esque design, The Kerikeri, was inspired by my childhood memories of being by the beach in Cornwall and my more recent love of learning to Surf at University.

There were a few things wrong with current Changing Robes or Ponchos on the market; the designs, the inability to become compact, the length of time they take to dry and the ease of sand sticking to the thick cotton towel.

Luckily, I have solved all of those problems using the microfibre technology of my Throwbies! You no longer need a towel for the beach.

Ditch the shower towel.

Seriously though, these Throwbies can be used for general life as well. You don’t have to be into travel, surf or fitness!

For example .. Have you ever had that issue when you come out of the shower and you just want to be able to get ready in your bathrobe and it just doesn’t dry quick enough? Well, these Throwbies dry you and themselves super quickly so that’s no longer an issue!