About Moana Maroke - Jess Wreford
Welcome, legends.
It’s great to have you here!

I’m Jess – Founder here at Moana Maroke .. How exciting.

So .. Where did Moana Maroke all begin?

In November 2018, I made the decision to embark on a solo trip to New Zealand and in January 2019, I made it happen. Having never been on a plane on my own, I navigated myself to the other side of the world to visit every nook and cranny in 6 weeks.

I created some of the best memories of my life.

When I got back, I was hit with all of the adulting feels of having to settle down and find a job. And I actually got one .. But as you can probably tell – it didn’t last long.

So here I am, starting my own business because when I made the decision to leave my job after a solid 5 days in March, I knew it was because I sought more from life than a 9-5. Travelling confirmed this for me.

I learnt so much from my 6 week travelling experience. But most of all? I learnt how ridiculously unprepared I was for traveller life. In April, I started coming up with ideas for products that I really could have used on my travelling venture and so I founded my own travel brand and I’m starting with my signature product, The Throwbie.

The Throwbie is a recreation of current Changing Robes/Ponchos on the market using microfibre technology. This makes Throwbie’s dry quickly, compact really small and not get sand stuck to them. There are also two hand slits in the side to provide privacy whilst getting changed – something I definitely could have used in mixed hostel rooms in New Zealand!

The goal of Moana Maroke? To enhance other peoples experiences and as a result become a part of their incredible memories. Because life’s too short.