Behind Moana Maroke

I thought I would start with a blog post with a little more about why I have started Moana Maroke. Those who have followed through from the Instagram account might be thinking Why has all this travel stuff suddenly appeared on my Instagram feed when I didn’t follow it? (SARRY)!

So the @moanamaroke instagram actually first began as @jcwnutrition back in the summer of 2014 soon turning into @nutrifitjess. I was a girl obsessed with weight loss and body image and alongside my Nutrition degree I decided it was time to “look the part”. I gained a lot of followers but not for the right reasons. This obsession spiralled out of control and I battled an eating disorder for 4 years. Because of this, I have decided that being a nutritionist is not my career calling! So I’ve archived all my old posts on the IG and have dragged you into my love of travelling and lifestyle, please feel free to unfollow if this it isn’t for you (awkward face emoji).

Since graduating, followed by a year working as a Sabbatical Officer in the Students’ Union (a job I loved with all my heart), ending in July 2018, I have been hit with all the feels of adulting life. I will try not to go into too much detail but it definitely led to a bit of “f**k it” attitude. In November I found myself in STA booking solo flights to New Zealand and onto the Kiwi Experience. Goodbye savings. Hello Adventure.

I left on January 1st 2019 and having never been on a plane on my own, there I was navigating myself to New Zealand.

6 weeks later I returned to the UK. Honestly? I had the time of my life. And being told I now had to go into the real world, get a full-time job and work for a living really was NOT the icing on top of the cake. But I gave it a solid attempt.

I got a job in a startup. Because the truth is, I have always wanted my own business. And what better way to learn about starting up, then by working in a startup? Smashed it. Or so I thought .. This job was very short lived. Sadly, I was not treated how I felt I deserved to be treated. I thought I could do this better myself so I resigned after 5 days.

Next, I interviewed in another startup. Somewhere that sold a product I truly believed in and somewhere I really felt I could give new creative ideas to help excel their brand. Unfortunately (or fortunately .. depending how you look at it), they rejected me based on the premise I had too many ideas and was too excited about every aspect of the brand and ultimately the role was answering emails and customer service – something they felt I was too good for. Flattering? I guess?

And thus I thought: “F**k. It. I’ll start my own.” But there was one thing for sure .. I have to sell something I’m passionate about and something I truly believe could enhance peoples lives. When I travelled around New Zealand, I met people who had travel items I hadn’t even thought of and this is where the idea begun.

Kayaking Abel Tasman in New Zealand

There are so many things I love about travelling. Visiting new places, trying new things and I am totally guilty of wanting to get that shot for the ‘gram. Travelling has given me some of my greatest memories and I want to create a product that lives in those memories. I want to share my personal stories but I also want to share other peoples. I want to share how travelling can not only lead to the greatest times of your life but also so much growth and a whole new understanding of good mental health and wellbeing. This isn’t just about travel. This is about lifestyle, too. This is about bringing you here to learn about other people’s experiences and to enhance yours.

So, welcome. Welcome legends to Moana Maroke, because life’s too short. Maori for “Dry Sea”, what the world we travel is made up of, the dry land and the sea. A travel brand starting with my signature product, the Throwbie.

The Throwbie is a recreation of current Changing Robes/Ponchos on the market using microfibre technology. This makes Throwbie’s dry quickly, compact really small and not get sand stuck to them. There are also two hand slits in the side to provide privacy whilst getting changed – something I definitely could have used in mixed hostel rooms in New Zealand!

The goal of Moana Maroke? To enhance other peoples experiences and as a result become a part of their incredible memories. Because life’s too short.

Lotsa love, legends

Jess x

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